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Exercise & Mobility

Exercise & Mobility
Exercise & Mobility

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A-Flex Protective Headgear by Orthomerica Products, Inc
From: 179.7

The A-Flex Protective Headgear is fabricated from a flexible plastic that readily conforms to varyin..

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Activity Apron II by Posey
From: 67.61

Activity Apron II by PoseySKUS: Z05-PF159586|PSY7405,PSY7405SKUS: Z05-PF159586|PSY7405,PSY7405..

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Activity Products by Posey Company
From: 41.15

RECOMMENDED USE: Patients with decreased cognitive function and/or requiring tactile stimulation. Of..

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Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser
From: 23.18

Adjustable Hand Grip ExerciserSKUS: Z05-PF158955|MDSR015392SKUS: Z05-PF158955|MDSR015392..

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Air Putty by North Coast Medical
From: 9.16

Achieva™ Air Putty® - Lightweight, velvety texture won't stick to skin or under fingernails. Perfect..

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Aphasia Diagnostic Profiles (ADP) by Alimed
From: 116.02

A quick, efficient and systematic method of assessing language and communication impairment associat..

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APT Plus by Mettler Electronics
From: 3687.51

Digital to allow clinician to completely control speed, resistance, number of rotations, and load le..

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Artromot K4 Knee CPM Patient Kit
From: 34.6

ArtromotTM K4 knee CPM patient kits are manufactured with high quality deep pile sheepskin, durable ..

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Balance Aids by Performance Health
From: 206.37

Pair of metal poles provides light support. Each pole is 51"H with an 11" diameter rubber base. ..

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Ball Chairs by Fabrication Enterprises
From: 115.58

The mobile ergonomic seating system allows ball therapy on a chair base Ball held securely in place..

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BandIT Elbow Bands by Alimed
From: 354.24

BandIT exerts gentle pressure on extensor, supinator and flexor muscles to dampen elbow vibration. N..

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BAPS Adapter by Total Gym
From: 124.6

Provides attachment point for Biomechanical Ankle Platform System (BAPS board) For controlled clos..

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Bariatric Walker Platform Attachment by AliMed
From: 191.17

Designed for larger individuals who are unable to grip a walker with both hands Cradles the forearm..

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Basic Ergonomic Hand Exerciser by Anatomy Supply
From: 26

Lightweight frame uses clips to block flexion and extension and permit custom fit for different hand..

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