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Hematology Analyzers

Hematology Analyzers
Hematology Analyzers
8 Key Differential Counter by LW Scinetific
From: 219.67

Traditionally differential counters have been manual "gear and lever" machines, and many lab techs a..

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ABX Micro Series Linearity Kits For Micros 45 And Micros 60
From: 823

Linearity kits for Horiba® ABX Micros 45 and ABX Micros 60 hematology analyzers ..

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ABX Pentra 60 & 80 Hematology Analyzers
From: 40722.38

Hematology analyzers offer excellent analytical performanceABX Pentra XL 80: Large capacity auto-loa..

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ABX Pentra 80 Minocal Calibrator
From: 121.79

Minocal calibrator for Horiba® ABX Pentra 80 hematology analyzerSafety Data Sheet DocumentsNo SDS co..

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ABX Pentra DX 120 Hematology Analyzer
From: 122265.28

Autoloader with continuous loading capability Double DIFF Matrix Automatic reflex testing Automatic ..

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AC-T Diff Analyzer W/Components by Beckman Coulter
From: 40.35

AC-T Diff Analyzer W/Components by Beckman CoulterSKUS: Z05-PF76950|B-C8547135EA,B-C8547110,B-C66054..

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Accessories for AcT Analyzer by Beckman Coulter
From: 95.87

Accessories for AcT Analyzer by Beckman CoulterSKUS: Z05-PF110742|B-C6915526SKUS: Z05-PF110742|B-C69..

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Accessories for CLINITEK Chemistry Analyzer
From: 16.76

Accessories for CLINITEK Chemistry Analysis For use with Advantus Semi-automated Urine Chemistry Ana..

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Accessories for NucleoCounter Cell Counter by Eppendorf
From: 485.46

Accessories for Nucleocounter NC-100 Cell Counter NucleoCounter is a unique automated cell counting ..

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Aerospray Hematology Stat Series 2 by Elitech Group
From: 19150.25

Aerospray Hematology Stat Series 2 by Elitech GroupSKUS: Z05-PF157511|V-TMODEL7122SKUS: Z05-PF157511..

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Audit MicroControls MicroCV General Chemistry Linearity Set by Fisher Scientific
From: 447.32

Simulate human serum samples to verify and validate, Analytical Measurement Range (AMR) for moderate..

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Benchtop Counters by Healthrow Scientific
From: 338.62

Mechanical, benchtop counters are perfect for blood cells (label included), bacterial colonies or ot..

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Calibrator For CDS Hematology Analyzer
From: 127.01

CDS NextGeneration whole blood controls and calibrators are designed for use with most 3-part differ..

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CDS Medonic M-Series Hematology Analyzer
From: 4.21

Runs complete blood cell count (CBC) for quick diagnosis and convenience Delivers accurate, precise..

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Cell Counters by MarketLab
From: 391.33

WBC and Cell Counters Four Models of Manual Differential Counters Each counts from 1 to 999 Tally wi..

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