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Cellex Dry Heat Medium for Fluidotherapy Devices
From: 90.63

Cellex® dry heat medium is the original medium processed to run efficiently in all Fluidotherapy dev..

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Chattanooga Hydrocollator Heating Units
From: 24.9

Easy way to provide moist heattherapy for patients-quickly Targeted to any point of the body. HotPa..

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Electric Lotion Warmer
From: 247.75

Easily attaches to a treatment table or wall to keep massage lotion or ultrasound gel at a comfortab..

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Fluidotherapy by Performance Health
From: 10755.81

Fluidotherapy by Performance HealthSKUS: Z05-PF66532|SNRC923651SKUS: Z05-PF66532|SNRC923651..

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Fluidotherapy Machine
From: 8494.9

Fluidotherapy MachineSKUS: Z05-PF03442|CHTFLU110DSKUS: Z05-PF03442|CHTFLU110D..

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Hypothermia Blanket Kit by Encompass Group
From: 208.98

A simple solution to hypothermia that utilizes NASA-pioneered sciSafety Data Sheet DocumentsNo SDS c..

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Mini Non-Electric Lotion Warmer
From: 62.7

Hangs on the front of the Hydrocollator E-1 or E-2 heating unit and uses the unit's warmth to k..

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Neck / Cervical Hydrocollator HotPacs
From: 12.54

Easy way to provide moist heat therapy for patients-quickly Targeted to any point of thebody. HotP..

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Thermasonic Gel Warmer by Civco
From: 362.7

Warms up to three, 250ml bottles. Adjustable thermostat control. Maintains constant temperature. Com..

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Thermasonic Gel Warmers by Parker Labs Inc.
From: 144.98

Microprocessor control adjusts the temperature between 97° and 109°F, and keeps it constant Therma..

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Thermoflect Patient Apparel by Encompass
From: 141.67

Effective warming to help protect at-risk patients from the serious adverse events associated with u..

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Thermoflect Transport Cocoon by Encompass Group
From: 191.73

Thermoflect® material maintains the patient's temperature by reflecting the patient's radiant body h..

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Thermolite Hypothermia Jacket by Encompass
From: 247.82

Thermoflect technology is the simple, safe and effective pre-warming protocol that maintains normoth..

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Ultrasound Gel Warmers by Chester Labs
From: 299.05

Adjustable temperature control maintains contents at just above body temperature Durable with a sta..

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