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Acu-Razor Blade by Acuderm
From: 56.86

Stainless steel, double-edged blade. Coating allows blade to be bent or bowed without breaking. May ..

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Allskin Sterile Brilliant Blue Markers by Viscot Medical
From: 44.97

The Viscot AllSkinTM surgical skin marker features a brilliant blue ink. This unique color is visibl..

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BIC Twin Blade Sensitive Razors
From: 5.63

BIC Twin Blade Sensitive RazorsSKUS: Z05-PF34137|BICSTOP1099MC,BICSTOP1099Z,BICSTOP1099ZZSKUS: Z05-P..

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ChroMini Cordless Clipper by Harvard Apparatus
From: 55.58

Cordless operation Simple and easy to use Lightweight ChroMini Cordless Clipper is ideal for remov..

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Cleansing & Irrigating Sets by Medical Action
From: 81.16

Shave Prep Razors - Prep Razor w/Double-sided Stainless Steel Blade - Double-edged razors with sharp..

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Clippers by BD
From: 13.07

Three easy-to-change clipping head designs cover any kind of clinical hair removal. ..

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Closure Clip by Sarstedt
From: 122.29

# 220mm long closure clip # For transport case B17# Cap for secondary packaging# Width: 12mm# Polyam..

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Convertors Surgical Marking Kits by Cardinal Health
From: 3.45

Our surgical marking kits include a pen with a nonabrasive tip to help minimize tissue trauma. Its G..

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Correct Site Marker Pack by Xodus Medical
From: 363.41

Provides a safe and effective means for marking the operative site - Prep-resistant ink, will not wa..

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Correct Site Tattoos and Stickers by Sandel Medical
From: 67.22

Correct SiteTM Tattoos and StickersTattoos and stickers for marking the correct surgical site prior ..

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DawnMist Grip-N-Glide Razor by Dukal Corp
From: 486.88

DawnMist Grip-N-Glide Razor by Dukal CorpSKUS: Z05-PF81613|DKLDR3879SKUS: Z05-PF81613|DKLDR3879..

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DawnMist Standard Disposable Razors by
From: 0.69

Feature Microedge™ blades Clear plastic guards Unisex ..

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DawnMist Triple Play Facial Razor by Dukal Corporation
From: 241.73

Dukal Dawnmist Triple Play Facial Razor, Teal Handle, Triple Blade ..

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