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F Series Fetal Monitors by MedGyn Products
From: $28.32

Our "F" Series Fetal Monitors combine high-technology fetal and maternal monitoring with the advanta..

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0.45UM Nylon Membrane Filter by Sartorius
From: $108.89

Nylon (NY) Membrane Filter Polyamide membrane filters are hydrophilic and chemical resistant to alka..

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0.4UM Membrane Filter by Sartorius
From: $222.97

Polycarbonate (PC) Membrane Filter Polycarbonate Track-Etch-Membrane are manufactured from high grad..

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0.75L Urine Leg Bag by Sarstedt
From: $195.67

0.75L Urine Leg Bag by Sarstedt0.75L Urine Leg Bag by SarstedtSKUS: Z05-PF136053|SAR745230101SKUS: Z..

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1-Tube Adult Resuable Blood Pressure Cuff by Welch-Allyn
From: $46.37

The FlexiPort fitting makes finding the right cuff simpler by eliminating annoying hassles and frust..

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10 Panel Dip Card by Hemosure
From: $126.94

# The First Sign One-Step Drug Screening Cup and Dip Card are competitive immunoassay, utilizing hig..

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10-Well Impact RPR Test Kit by Alere
From: $49.07

10-Well Impact RPR Test Kit by Alere10-Well Impact RPR Test Kit by AlereSKUS: Z05-PF146179|ALR60C1,A..

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10ml Conical Base Tube with Screw Cap by Sarstedt
From: $326.77

10ml Conical Base Tube with Screw Cap Made of polystyrene transparent Packaging pcs./case: 1,000/ca..

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110X17 Urine Tube Kit by Sarstedt
From: $91.4

110X17 Urine Tube Kit Tube 12 ml, 110 x 17 mm, conical base, PS Base shape: Conical base Product ma..

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14 Panel Cup by Hemosure
From: $243.38

14 Panel Cup by Hemosure14 Panel Cup by HemosureSKUS: Z05-PF160936|HMEFCUP4144A2,HMESCCUP06144,HMESC..

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1PC Disposable Neonatal Cuffs by Welch Allyn
From: $297.61

Accuracy and comfort are crucial for your tiniest patients. Welch Allyn offers a choice of neonatal ..

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2 MHz Handheld Fetal Doppler
From: $456.6

2 MHz Handheld Fetal Doppler2 MHz Handheld Fetal DopplerSKUS: Z05-PF71387|MDSDOPPLERFSKUS: Z05-PF713..

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2 ml Piggyback Serum Cups by Evergreen Scientific
From: $316.49

2 ml Piggyback Serum Cup These tubes are often used in the high-volume clinical chemistry analyzer A..

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