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One Way Glide Transfer Mats by Bestcare
From: $89.16

Unique inner surface allows cushion to glide in one direction only and resist sliding back. Promote..

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12 Inch
From: $107.06

12 InchSTRETCHER F/PT LIFT 12" D/S 1/EA INVHEAMcKesson#:22173209Manufacturer#:IHTRP1202Brand:12 Inch..

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12 Transfer Discs by Performance Health
From: $214.28

Suitable for any type of transfer Ideal for transferring in close spaces Portable Both base and turn..

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29 Inch 450 lbs.
From: $677.07

29 Inch 450 lbs.GURNEY SHOWER TRANS SLING EA MJMINTMcKesson#:25293300Manufacturer#:915Brand:29 InchM..

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30 Inch 350 lbs.
From: $1013.51

30 Inch 350 lbs.GURNEY SHWR W/FLDNG HD/FT D/S EA MJM INTERNMcKesson#:92773309Manufacturer#:920-FD-PA..

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30.5 Inch 450 lbs.
From: $1237.13

30.5 Inch 450 lbs.GURNEY SHWR W/HARD SHELL D/S EA MJM INTMcKesson#:91083309Manufacturer#:910-HSBrand..

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69 lbs. Metal, Aluminum
From: $12037.8

69 lbs. Metal, AluminumSTRETCHER CHR-COT RED 48" D/S EA FERNOWMcKesson#:40243209Manufacturer#:001280..

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Air Assist Patient Transfer Mats
From: $2099.15

Available in different sizes in wipe down or launderable ..

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Air Supply Unit For Transfer Mats
From: $1919.35

Complete air supply unit for air assist transfer mats 1100 Watt Grounded, 15-ft. cord and 6-ft. hose..

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Air-Assisted Patient Transfer Pads by Ai
From: $592.37

Some disposable air-assisted lateral transfer pads are not durable enough to last throughout a patie..

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AliSlide Half Shifter by AliMed
From: $229.4

AliSlide Half Shifter decreases transfer risk and helps keep your staff and patients safe. Transfer ..

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Ambulance Stretcher MX-PRO R3 Adjustable 650 lbs. Rigid Frame
From: $14019.1

Ambulance Stretcher MX-PRO R3 Adjustable 650 lbs. Rigid FrameCOT MX-PRO AMBULANCE 1/EA STYMEDMcKesso..

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Amputee Loop Sling 2 Point Large
From: $822.44

Amputee Loop Sling 2 Point LargeSLNG DBL AMPUTEE 2PT LG D/S EA HUNTLEMcKesson#:70514409Manufacturer#..

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Antistat Patient Shifters by AliMed
From: $251.14

Slides easily on a bed sheet or stretcher padSlippery coating keeps the patient from sticking to the..

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Auto Bath Lifter Bellavita 300 lbs. Weight Capacity Battery Powered
From: $875.92

Auto Bath Lifter Bellavita 300 lbs. Weight Capacity Battery PoweredLIFTER AUTO BATH CVR SET D/S 1/EA..

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