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200 Denier Nylon Hamper Bags
From: $126.64

Ideal for dry linens and personal belongingsOffered in 2 styles; choose from draw cord or flip top w..

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Blockade Hamper Bags
From: $162.38

100% polyester provides a high level of fluid-protection OSHA compliant for bagging and transportin..

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Laundry Net Pins
From: $47.98

4-1/2" Laundry net pins for laundry bagsSafety Data Sheet DocumentsNo SDS content is available for t..

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Sofnit Hamper Bags
From: $209.99

Provides highest level of protectionFluid-proof vinyl fabric with ultrasonically sealed seamsLow cos..

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Washable Mesh Laundry Bags
From: $63.79

Eliminate the hassle of sorting patient laundry with these convenient bags that go right in the wash..

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High Density Black Liners
From: $33.19

Black liners can be used for garbage cans and hampers.Available in a variety of gallon and micron si..

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High Density Clear Liners
From: $2.04

High Density Clear LinersHigh Density Clear LinersSKUS: Z05-PF01292|NONHCR62XC,NONHCR60XC,NONHCR48XC..

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Low Density Black Liners
From: $24.17

Low Density Black LinersLow Density Black LinersSKUS: Z05-PF01295|NONTGG58XXHRL,NONTGG58XHR,NONTGG58..

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Low Density Clear Liners
From: $21.77

Low Density Clear LinersLow Density Clear LinersSKUS: Z05-PF01297|NONPXC8046TC,NONPXC58XXH,NONPXC58X..

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Sanitary Napkin Receptacle Liners
From: $46.72

Waxed paper bag for sanitary napkin receptacle. The disposal bag holder has an easy tape mount that ..

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Zip-Style Biohazard Specimen Bags
From: $0.35

Unique two-pouch design isolates patient specimen documents, helping to reduce possibilities for con..

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Soiled Linen Bags by Inteplast Group
From: $120.56

Leak resistant linen bags for color coded linen segregation. 23" x 8" x 41". 1.2 mil. ..

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High Density Isolation Bags by Inteplast Group
From: $64.14

Pitt Plastics offers color coded, printed bags for Infectious Waste, Infectious Linen and Non-contag..

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Linear Low Coreless Rolls by Pitt Plas
From: $30.53

Linear Low Coreless Rolls by Pitt PlasLinear Low Coreless Rolls by Pitt PlasSKUS: Z05-PF100805|PITP4..

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Durastar Coreless Roll Liners by Waxie Sanitary Supply
From: $141.62

High-density coreless roll liners with star seal bottoms. Natural color except for where black is no..

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