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Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Supplies
5ft Threaded Fiberglass Broom Handles by Waxie
From: $34.55

White handle, designed for use in hospitals and foodservice facilities, where a sanitary handle is r..

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7177 Series CONTEXT Cleanroom Papers by Contec
From: $183.12

CONTEXT cleanroom documentation products have been developed to provide cleanrooms with paper and no..

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AccuWipe Recycled 3-Ply Delicate Task Wipers by Georgia Pacific
From: $114.38

AccuWipe Recycled 3-Ply Delicate Task Wipers by Georgia PacificAccuWipe Recycled 3-Ply Delicate Task..

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AccuWipe Task Wipers
From: $152.68

AccuWipe 1-ply recycled delicate task wipers deliver low-lint, low-contaminant performance across a ..

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Advantex Microfiber Bucket
From: $159.1

Microfiber bucket and strainer set Holds up to 20 microfiber mops Made of durable, heavyweight pla..

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AlphaSat Presaturated Wipers by Connecticut Clean Room Corp
From: $541.52

AlphaSat Presaturated Wipers Ultralow particle-generating characteristics and low extractable level ..

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AlphaWipe 10 Wipers by Connecticut Clean Room Corp
From: $844.15

AlphaWipe 10 Wipers 100% continuous-filament double-knit polyester provides abrasion resistance All ..

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AlphaWipe Wipers by Connecticut Clean Room Corp
From: $714.34

AlphaWipe Wipers Polyester Hydrophilic for absorbing or cleaning with aqueous solutions Solvent-safe..

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Amplitude Helix Wipers by Connecticut Clean Room Corp
From: $570.06

Amplitude Helix Wipers Nonwoven meltblown polypropylene wiper Low levels of particles and extractabl..

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Angled Upright Broom With Wood Handle by Waxie Sanitary Suppy
From: $20.95

Angled upright brooms have straight, washable, flagged bristles wood handle. ..

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Bar Mops
From: $8.14

Ideal for cleaning up spills and wiping down countersMade of 100% cottonEach one measures 16" x 19"S..

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Bio-Screen Wipes and Liners by MarketLab
From: $109.28

Multi-Purpose Wipes Prevent Cross Contamination Barrier side blocks soak-through of bloodborne patho..

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Bluesorb 750 Cleanroom Wipes by Berkshire Corporation
From: $1013.86

Bluesorb® 750 is a cellulose / polyester nonwoven wiper recommended for ISO Class 5 and above enviro..

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Brawny Industrial Dusting Cloths by Georgia Pacific
From: $102.55

The Brawny Industrial® janitorial dusting cloths are specially treated to attract dust for quick and..

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