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Convoluted Foam Armboard Pads
From: $4.48

Convoluted Foam Armboard PadsConvoluted Foam Armboard PadsSKUS: Z05-PF05747|NON081343H,NON081346H,NO..

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Gel Armboard Pads
From: $54.29

Help protects patients' upper extremitiesDesigned to fit many of the standard armboard sizesGel..

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Prone Positioning Arm Cradles
From: $89

Arm cradles, for laminectomy procedures or other prone positioned surgeries, are designed to flex to..

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Visco Foam Armboard Pads
From: $123.78

Standard Armboard pads are rounded on one end and squared on the other and feature three therapeutic..

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Bean Bag Positioners with Gel
From: $646.21

Provide a safe and effective way to position your patients during surgeryEasily attaches to wall suc..

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Bean Bag Positioners without Gel
From: $126.28

Made with durable polyurethane film Features U-shaped cutout for the shoulder Easily hooks up to fac..

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Elevating Arm Cradles
From: $28.91

Foam cradles help provide gentle support and elevation of the arms following an injury or surgery H..

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Elevating Foot Cradles
From: $100.76

Elevating Foot CradlesElevating Foot CradlesSKUS: Z05-PF05924|NON081445SKUS: Z05-PF05924|NON081445..

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Foam Rectangular Positioning Blocks
From: $84.12

Top quality economical option for support and stability Firm, gentle support Shaped for maximum ef..

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Comfort Touch Foam Frame Head Rest
From: $16.12

Highly resilient foam head positioners are designed to help protect sensitive facial Help features ..

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Contoured Head Positioner
From: $92.52

Assists in proper neck and spinal alignment.Use in lateral, supine or prone position.Safety Data She..

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Extra Firm Foam Adult Head Positioners
From: $118.97

Extra firm density, highly resilient foamDesigned to protect sensitive facial featuresProvides neces..

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Single-Use Disposable Foam Adult Head Positioners
From: $6.53

Single-Use Disposable Foam Adult Head PositionersSingle-Use Disposable Foam Adult Head PositionersSK..

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Multi-Ring Head Positioner
From: $68.4

Create the inner diameter you need by popping out inner rings Position the head, ear, or iliac cres..

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Foam Ring Head Positioners
From: $2.18

For positioning the head, ear or iliac crest Can be used to support elbows, heels and knees Availabl..

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