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Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection
Specimen Collection

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Speci-Cath Urine Collection Kits
From: $4.06

Medline's Speci-Cath kits provide an easy way to collect a sterileurine sample The catheter is pre-..

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Basic Mid-Stream Collection Kits
From: $2.02

Protect specimens from contamination before during and after voidingBasic kit contains the following..

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Deluxe Mid-Stream Collection Sets
From: $2.92

Deluxe sets contain the following components: 4-oz. (120 ml) polypropylene specimen container, anato..

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Valu-Pak Mid-Stream Collection Kits
From: $133.99

Kits include the following components: 4-oz. (120 ml) polypropylene specimen container, screw-on lid..

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SPECI-GARD Bags by Minigrip
From: $285.4

SPECI-GARD Bags The only bag featuring the patented liquid tight, Press and Close adhesive closure s..

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Bio-Seal Specimen Bags
From: $173.89

Tamper-Evident Adhesive Closure Bags Tamper-evident seal is easy to open-simply tear along score lin..

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Biohazard Specimen Transport Bag by RD Plastics
From: $81.6

Biohazard Specimen Transport Bag by RD PlasticsBiohazard Specimen Transport Bag by RD PlasticsSKUS: ..

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Chemo Transport Bag by RD Plastics
From: $145.48

4 mil clear heavy duty reclosable transport bag with yellow and black print chemotherapy safety warn..

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Bottle with Write on Panel by Globe Scientific
From: $32.62

Write-on-Panel Graduated Bottle Produced from high clarity polypropylene (PP) Features clear, crisp ..

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Half Filled Formagel Containers by Azer Scientific
From: $39.48

Azer Scientific's Formagel formalin fixation technology is the latest addition to our extensive line..

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Collection Bags by Inteplast Group
From: $113.68

Medegen Medical Products, LLC 49-97 Collection Bag, 6" x 9", Zip Closure, Biohazard Black/ Red Print..

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Bitran Bags by Com-Pac International
From: $254.3

Bitran Bags by Com-Pac InternationalBitran Bags by Com-Pac InternationalSKUS: Z05-PF112881|CMV4742S,..

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95kPa Bag with Biohazard Symbol by Marketlab
From: $320.81

Meets transportation standards for International Air Transport Association (IATA) for shipping bioha..

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GreenLine Biodegradable Zipper Bag with Pack by Marketlab
From: $32.14

A simple change to biodegradable storage bags can have a big impact on the environment and your orga..

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Infecon Specimen Transport Bag by MarketLab
From: $187.92

Infecon Specimen Transport BagsInfecon Heavy Duty Specimen Transport BagsPreprinted with the OSHA-re..

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