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Pain Management

Pain Management
Pain Management

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Continuous Epidural Trays
From: $244.24

Trays include Tuohy epidural needle with wings*, 5 mL L/L glass LOR syringe, 0.2 micron epidural fil..

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Single Shot Epidural Trays with Pharmaceuticals
From: $205.08

Trays include Tuohy epidural needle with wings and blue paper fenestrated drape Depending on item n..

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Continuous Epidural Trays by Smith and Nephew
From: $724.58

Available in a wide range of standard configurations.Readily customizable to many configurations to ..

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Loss of Resistance Syringes by Halyard Health
From: $470.82

Loss of resistance syringes are designed to help achieve greater success in detecting epidural space..

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Glass LOR Syringes
From: $214.63

Single sterile glass loss-of-resistance syringe 5 or 10 mL with metal luer lock or slip tip ..

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Nylon Epidural Catheters
From: $191.44

Includes catheter connector, nylon epidural catheter, thread assist guide, yellow CAUTION labels, an..

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Prelubricated Plastic Syringes by Smiths Medical
From: $12.49

Smooth plunger movement. Luer slip and Luer lock configurations. Pre-lubricated plastic syringes are..

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BD Durasafe CSE Procedure Set by BD
From: $38.2

BD Durasafe CSE procedure set w/Whitacre pencil point spinal needle and variable extension adaptor -..

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Anesthsia Epidural Trays by B Braun Medical
From: $253.06

As the world leader in epidural products, and the leading supplier of epidural trays in North Americ..

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ESPOCAN Combined Spinal Epidural Trays by B Braun
From: $87.54

Combined spinal epidural anesthesia (CSE) trays designed to help you maximize your CSE procedural pe..

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Support Trays (Pain Control) by B Braun
From: $150.41

High quality procedural component trays from the global leader in regional anesthesia products. Avai..

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