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Surgicel Nu-Knit Absorbable Hemostat by Ethicon
From: $211.94

The first and only absorbable hemostats proven bactericidal against a broad range of gram-positive a..

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Surgicel SNoW Absorbable Hemostat by Ethicon
From: $467.95

43% faster time-to-hemostasis compared to SURGICEL Original Absorbable Hemostat. Enhanced conformabi..

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Surgifoam Absorbable Gelatin Sponges by Ethicon
From: $206.15

Porcine gelatin absorbable powder or sponge that provides a matrix for platelet adhesion and aggrega..

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Sutupak Pre-Cut Ethicond Excel by Ethicon
From: $204.20

A nonabsorbable, braided, sterile, surgical suture composed of Poly (ethylene, terephthalate). It is..

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Sutupak Pre-Cut Perma-Hand Non-Absorbable Sutures by Ethicon
From: $128.28

PERMA-HAND Silk Suture - A nonabsorbable, sterile, surgical suture composed of an organic protein. T..

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Symmetric PDS Plus Suture by Ethicon
From: $686.15

Symmetric PDS PLUS Suture.Safety Data Sheet DocumentsNo SDS content is available for this product.12..

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TFE Polymer Pledgets by Ethicon
From: $501.53

Material: TFE Polymer Pledgets (Soft). Size: 3/8" x 3/16" x 1/16"(9.5mm x 4.8mm x 1.5mm).Safety Data..

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Thoracic Trocar / Obturator by Ethicon
From: $2,869.61

FLEXIPATH Flexi.ble Surgical Trocar Pak, contains: (1) 15mm Obturator, and (3) 15mm Flexible Sleeves..

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Ultra Veress Insufflation Needle by Ethicon
From: $124.90

The ENDOPATH Pneumoneedle Insufflation Needle and Ultra Veress Insufflation Needle are both insuffla..

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Ultrapro Advance Absorbale Mesh by Ethicon
From: $1,707.67

Ultrapro Advance Absorbale Mesh by EthiconUltrapro Advance Absorbale Mesh by EthiconSKUS: Z05-PF1606..

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Ultrapro Partially Absorbable Hernia Repair Mesh by Ethicon
From: $1,277.00

ULTRAPRO Mesh is manufactured from approximately equal parts of absorbable poliglecaprone-25 monofil..

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UltraproHernia System by Ethicon
From: $1,277.00

The ULTRAPRO Hernia System (UHS) is a sterile, pre-shaped, three-dimensional device constructed of a..

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Umbilical Tapes by Ethicon
From: $10.27

Made of woven white cotton, these 1/8-wide ligature tapes are strong enough to tie off the umbilical..

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Vicryl Woven Mesh by Ethicon
From: $2,549.69

Vicryl Woven Mesh by EthiconVicryl Woven Mesh by EthiconSKUS: Z05-PF47428|ETHVWMM,ETHVWML,ETHVM220K,..

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