Tube Holders

Tube Holders
Tube Holders
Acrylic Culture Tube Dispensers by Marketlab
From: $265.63

Green Acrylic Culture Tube Dispensers Securely, safely dispense your fragile culture tubes Hinged li..

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Capillary Holder by Sarstedt
From: $12288.7

# Red Capillary holder# Used for blood collection# Holder for end-to-end capillary# 5 units per case..

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Clear View Conical Tube Holder by Market
From: $52.87

Clear View Conical Tube Holder Patent-pending design for holding 15mL or 50mL conical tubes Open upr..

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Electrode holder and Stand by Thermo Sci
From: $283.54

Electrode holder and Stand by Thermo SciElectrode holder and Stand by Thermo SciSKUS: Z05-PF156127|M..

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Electrode Holder Head by Thermo Scientific
From: $65.34

# Electrode holder head with 15mm dia cond cell slot,for use with 090043 ..

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Haemo-Diff by Sarstedt
From: $670.68

Haemo-Diff by SarstedtHaemo-Diff by SarstedtSKUS: Z05-PF154454|SAR141217SKUS: Z05-PF154454|SAR141217..

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Rubber Mat by Sarstedt
From: $85.72

# Dimpled rubber mat# 1 accommodates most tube sizes# Holds tubes securely in place ..

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Saf-T Holder Devices by Smiths Medical
From: $2.57

Saf-T Holder devices come with the back-end needle and multi-sample Luer permanently attached to the..

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Swing Arm Electrode Stand by Thermo Fisher Scientific
From: $355.21

Swing Arm Electrode Stand by Thermo Fisher ScientificSwing Arm Electrode Stand by Thermo Fisher Scie..

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VACUETTE Standard Tube Holder (short) by Greiner Bio-One
From: $8.95

The Standard Tube Holder-short/long is intended to be used only with VACUETTE Multiple Use Drawing N..

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Vacutainer Single Use Holder by Becton D
From: $0.79

The BD Vacutainer One Use Holder is a quality, low-cost single use holder that can help customers co..

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VanishPoint Blood Collection Tube Holders by Retractable Tech
From: $23.62

This VanishPoint blood collection system features a blood collection tube holder and a small diamete..

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Venipuncture Needle Protection Device by Smiths Medical
From: $0.89

Designed to protect clinicians from exposure to contaminated blood collection needles. Needle is sec..

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