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Blood Collection
Blood Collection

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Blood bank Small Platelet Agitator by Boekel Industries
From: $2702.35

Blood Bank Small Platelet AgitatorBoekel Scientific introduces their new platelet agitator and plate..

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Blood Collection Assemblies by Medtronic
From: $103.43

The blood collection assembly with Monoject blunt tip safety I.V. access cannula provides a safe and..

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Blood Collection Assembly by BD
From: $2.92

Blood collection assembly consisting of a BD Vacutainer tube and luer adapter with a pre-attached b..

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Blood Collection Trays by Bel-Art Produc
From: $48.26

Manufactured from rugged and rigid polypropylene with 7" tall loop handle for portability. Includes..

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Blood Collection Tubes by Bio-Techne
From: $307.72

Blood Collection Tubes Safe-Wrap Blood Collection Tubes are heparinized glass capillary devices wrap..

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Blood Collection Tubing Set by Smiths Medical ASD Inc
From: $3.92

Safety feature is activated while the device is in the patient with a simple one- or two-handed tech..

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Blood Collection Vacutainer Set by Becton-Dickinson
From: $3.19

The BD Vacutainer Push Button Blood Collection Set with Pre-Attached Holder helps guard against cost..

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Blood Component Infusion Set by Fenwal I
From: $17.84

Blood Component Infusion Set - Blood component infusion set with female luer connector for syringe, ..

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Blood Dilution Vials by Globe Scientific
From: $177.36

Globe Scientific's polystyrene (PS) cell counter cups come with a polyethylene (PE) snap on lid..

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Blood Gas / Electrolyte Linearity by Azer Scientific
From: $825.89

Blood gas / electrolyte linearity test set is intended to monitor the performance of blood gas and i..

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Blood Gas Capillary Tubes by Ram Scientific
From: $758.14

Blood Gas Capillary Tubes are 100% plastic for safe capillary blood collection to meet all Federal a..

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Blood Sample / Needle Transport Systems by Hopkins Medical
From: $52.99

Perfect for transporting both blood vials and sharps for disposal, this handy cooler kit contains on..

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Blood Sampling Kits by Smiths Medical
From: $3.08

Pulsator Plus syringes, with a liquid sodium heparin concentration of 31 I.U. per mL, allow for clot..

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Blood Serum Filter by MarketLab
From: $63.67

Blood Serum Filters Filter Fibrin from Plastic or Glass Tubes Designed to work with the internal tap..

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