Blood Collection

Blood Collection
Blood Collection

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Blood Serum Filters by MarketLab
From: $44.16

Blood Serum FiltersFilter Fibrin from Plastic or Glass TubesDesigned to work with the internal taper..

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Blood Serum Filters Instrument Specific Mode by Porex Corporation
From: $882.24

Blood Serum Filters Instrument Specific ModePermits direct sampling from primary collection tubes an..

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Blood Unit Stand with Tube Holder by Mar
From: $96.4

Blood Unit Stand with Tube HolderKeep Tubes with Blood BagsBuilt-in tube caddy holds 3 blood tubesEl..

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Buret Tip by Kimble Chase
From: $66.66

Buret Tip for 17021H and 17121H BuretsPrecision ground threaded replacement buret tipThreaded, preci..

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Cap For Cuvettes by Corning
From: $52.38

Push-in PE stoppers for closing cuvettes with square openings (10 x 10 mm) Designed to prevent sampl..

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CAPIJECT Safety Lancets by Terumo Medical
From: $1.31

High quality, single-use lancets offer the form, fit and function you've come to rely on: Never See ..

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Capillary Blood Collection Systems by Ram Scientific
From: $578.33

Safe-T-Fill Capillary Blood Collection Systems: SerumNo "scooping" needed, allowing for high-quality..

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Capillary Blood Collection Tubes by Becton-Dickinson
From: $1294.86

Designed for the collection, transport, and processing of skin puncture blood. The integrated collec..

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Capillary Holder by Sarstedt
From: $12288.7

# Red Capillary holder# Used for blood collection# Holder for end-to-end capillary# 5 units per case..

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Capillary Tube Accessories by Globe Scientific
From: $22.91

Capillary Tube Accessories by Globe ScientificCapillary Tube Accessories by Globe ScientificSKUS: Z0..

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Capillary Tubes by Polymer Technology Systems
From: $11.81

Capillary Tubes by Polymer Technology SystemsCapillary Tubes by Polymer Technology SystemsSKUS: Z05-..

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Caraway Tubes by Kimble Chase
From: $228.24

Kimble Chase Caraway tubes are manufactured with tapered tips for easy collection of micro blood sam..

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CBC II System Disconnect by Stryker
From: $136.63

Use these sterile system kits for blood collection, reinfusion and wound drainage. Each system kit i..

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Chamber cover by Boekel Industries
From: $177.08

Chamber cover for Boekel Model 301000 Plasma Thawer (sold separately)Safety Data Sheet DocumentsNo S..

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Chemo-Safety System Pump Sets by Carefusion
From: $20.08

Chemo-Safety System Pump SetsSafety Data Sheet DocumentsNo SDS content is available for this product..

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