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Microscopes, Slides & Accessories

Microscopes, Slides & Accessories
Microscopes, Slides & Accessories

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Thermosafe U-tek Phase Change Materials by ThermoSafe
From: $32.08

Phase change formulas ideal for products requiring frozen temperatures or extreme cold that may not ..

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Wright's Stain by Ricca Chemical Company
From: $50.42

Wright's Stain for Staining and General Differentiation of Blood Corpuscles Grade - ACS NIST Trace..

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Wrights-Giemsa Stains by Ricca Chemical Company
From: $56.33

Wright-Giemsa Stain Mixture Grade - ACS NIST Traceable Appearance - Dark purple liquid Shelf Lif..

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Vivapure Adeno Pack by Sartorius
From: $479.54

Vivapure AdenoPACK Complete kit for fast purification of up to 1 x 1013 adenovirus type 5 particles ..

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Cardboard Slide Mailers by Azer Scientific
From: $140.83

Made of sturdy cardboard to protect slides Each mailer holds one, two or four slides for transport,..

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Staining Trays and Lids by Azer Scientific
From: $124.98

This tray is suitable for routine staining requiring a humid chamber, but is also ideal for Hematolo..

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Microscope Slide Cabinet and Accessories by Azer Scientific
From: $16.54

Azer Scientific's metal slide cabinets are a sturdy, space-saving storage option for your lab Cabin..

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Microscope Rectangular Cover Glasses by Azer
From: $69.72

Pure white borosilicate glass of the first hydrolytic class Excellent chemical resistance Optimal fl..

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Plastic Slide Mailers by Azer Scientific
From: $253.63

Economical and reusable Features a sturdy, resealable clasp "TOP" is clearly labeled Slide labeling ..

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Slide Folders with Transparent Doors by Azer Scientific
From: $187.37

Hold up to 20 standard microscope slides Made of a base holding the slides horizontally, and transpa..

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Slide Staining Jar by Azer Scientific
From: $138.35

Each stain jar has a stable base, allowing for less reagent use (about 80 mL)Safety Data Sheet Docum..

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Slide Storage Box by Azer Scientific
From: $452.74

Made of sturdy ABS plastic Features a cork-lined bottom and self-locking lid Index paper in lid corr..

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Brucella Blood Agar by Anaerobe Systems
From: $6.55

Brucella Blood Agar (BRU) is an enriched non-selective agar medium. Brucella Blood Agar is intended ..

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Cliped Corner Slide by Azer Scientific
From: $309.66

Our UnifrostĀ® microscope slides are pre-cleaned with smooth, grounded edges and undergo continuous q..

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Universal LabMailer by ThermoSafe
From: $89.74

Universal Mailer is meant for shipping tubes, vials, cans or bottles and can be used with a 415 Poly..

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