Serological Pipettes

Serological Pipettes
Serological Pipettes
Accessories for ESR Systems by Globe Scientific
From: $33.76

Accessories for ESR Systems by Globe ScientificAccessories for ESR Systems by Globe ScientificSKUS: ..

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Aspirating Pipettes by Argos Technologie
From: $77.58

Designed for accurate and rapid fluid dispensing Open Ended Pipettes are sterile, pyrogen-free, and ..

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Aspirating Pipettes by Globe Scientific
From: $81.31

Globe Scientific's sterile aspirating pipettes are completely transparent and designed for the trans..

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Bacteriological Pipette By Globe Sci
From: $192.37

Designed for use in the dairy field, these disposable sterile milk pipettes meet the A.P.H.A. standa..

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Blood Typer by VistaLab
From: $77.11

Each disposable typer accommodates seven 10x75mm tubes for general-purpose laboratory and clinical u..

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Conical Base Screw Cap Tubes by Sarstedt
From: $155.53

# 1.2ml Sample Library Tubes# Tubes for storage of specimens are supplied with a clear,snug fitting ..

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Diluter Calibration Kits by VistaLab
From: $227.35

Discrete-sample spectrophotomer test kit for pipette calibrations - 30 tests/kit Self-contained kits..

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Disposable Dispensing Spreading Pipets
From: $68.36

18mm RPR test cards and disposable, dispensing/spreading pipets for use with the RPR test kits for s..

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Disposable Plastic Bio Safe Pipette by A
From: $116.63

The Argos BioSafe pipette is a standard serological pipette with a unique barrier filter If over-asp..

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Disposable Plastic Mini Serological Pipette by Argos Technologies
From: $93.19

Argos brand mini disposable pipettes were developed for tissue culture applications or for use in co..

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Disposable Plastic Serological Pipettes by Argos Technologies
From: $110.74

Designed for accurate and rapid fluid dispensing; these polystyrene pipettes are sterile, pyrogen fr..

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Disposable Plastic Transfer Pipette
From: $691.51

A disposable plastic transfer pipette that features a unique lock for one-step, contamination-free d..

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Disposable Serological Pipets by Corning Life
From: $590.82

These clean, sterile pipettes are calibrated to deliver with blowout and are packaged ready-to-use. ..

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Filters and Nozzles by VistaLab
From: $19.2

Nozzle contains an internal aerosol/liquid barrier filter to prevent liquid from being aspirated int..

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Individual Transfer Pipette by Sarstedt
From: $498.83

Individually Wrapped Transfer Pipette Versatile application when transferring liquid in laboratori..

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