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DVT Therapy

DVT Therapy
DVT Therapy

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EMS Thigh-High Anti-Embolism Stockings
From: $14.59

Provide a tailored, contoured fit with just the right amount of gradient pressure to optimize patien..

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Thigh-High Jobst Women's Stockings
From: $367.63

Jobst® compression stockings offer exceptional orthopedic treatment for a variety of painful or swel..

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DVT Therapy Compression Garments
From: $35.94

Holds standard and Accu-Therm hot and cold packsSafety Data Sheet DocumentsNo SDS content is availab..

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Hemo-Force DVT Pumps
From: $56.16

Available in both intermittent and sequentialIntermittent pneumatic compression produces uniform, si..

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Flowtron Bariatric Calf Garments by Getinge
From: $124.31

Curved design which follows the natural curve of the leg. Soft, breathable and lightweight fabric, w..

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FS6 Plantar Fasciitis Compression Foot Sleeves by OrthoSleeve
From: $43.74

Advanced medical device for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, and swelling Compres..

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Ossur Home DVT Therapy
From: $47.62

Hook-and-loop closure strap helps keep tubing away from feet Can wear 1 or 2 garments (single or du..

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Hemo-Force II Compression Garments
From: $21.54

Hemo-Force II Compression GarmentsHemo-Force II Compression GarmentsSKUS: Z05-PF105318|MDS601PD3,MDS..

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CircAid Reduction Kits (Arm) by Medi USA
From: $71.75

Padded, inelastic compression. Ensures smooth, comfortable compression. Works great with elastic arm..

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Facial Compression Masks by The Marena Group
From: $46.8

Designed with our patented ComfortWeave fabric - the FM500 features an adjustable hook & loop closur..

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FetaBand Body Stockings by Feta Med
From: $112.02

FetaBand Body Stockings. Secures monitors better than straps. Snug fit helps Moms push. Make Moms mo..

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Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Gloves by Performance Health
From: $64.98

Combines the support of an arthritis glove and a wrist splint. Comfortable firm support for weak inj..

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