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Floor Mats

Floor Mats
Floor Mats
Absorbent Floor Mat by DeRoyal
From: $371.03

Helps keep fluids from ever hitting the floor. Helps keep floors dry to decrease slips and falls. La..

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Absorbent Floor Mats by DeRoyal
From: $785.26

Helps keep fluids from ever hitting the floor Helps keep floors dry to decrease slips and falls Larg..

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Anti-Fatigue Surgical Floor Mats
From: $751.61

Elasticity and cushioning provides exceptional comfort during prolonged, strenuous surgeries Non-sl..

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AquaNot Floor Suction Device by Aspen Surgical
From: $1751.02

Used to manage infectious waste fluids generated during wet procedures in surgical settings. Reduce..

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Blue Absorbent Mats by DeRoyal
From: $207.38

Three sizes to accommodate any size operating room, lab station, decontamination room, or scrub sink..

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Comfort Mat by Allen Medical
From: $295.57

No description is available for this product. ..

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DriFloor Absorbent Pad by Sandel Medical
From: $21.85

Blankets and towels are an inadequate solution for spillage clean-up. Help reduce laundering costs a..

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Fluid Collection Floor Mats by Halyard Health
From: $436.09

Used for collecting and containing fluids in the OR; Disposable; 36 in. x 48 in.Safety Data Sheet Do..

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Foam Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
From: $171.7

Eco-Friendly Bio-Foam, designed to help reduce discomfort and fatigueHigh traction bottom, stand and..

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Gel Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
From: $215.04

Re-energize tired backs, knees and feet  Gel anti-fatigue floor mats feature a scientifically engine..

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Liqui-loc Absorbency Pad
From: $96.4

300 GSM (Grams per Square Meter) absorption and excellent valueTop sheet made of durable, non-lint c..

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Liqui-Loc Absorbent Floor Pads
From: $81.92

Strong, heavyweight pads are highly absorbent.Densely woven, fast-wicking fine-fiber outer layers wr..

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Liqui-loc High Absorbency Pad
From: $110.59

380 GSM (Grams per Square Meter) absorptionTop sheet made of durable, non-lint constructionHolds up ..

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Liqui-loc Pad
From: $203.58

Liqui-loc Pad Liqui-loc PadTM is a portable that pad quickly absorbs spills and creates a safer envi..

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