Due to the Coronavirus we have limited personal protective products available

OR Basics

OR Basics
OR Basics
1500 mL RECEPTAL Canister by Amsino International
From: $75.29

1500cc RECEPTAL Reusable Canister (use with 1500cc liner).Safety Data Sheet DocumentsNo SDS content ..

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3M E A R Classic Ear Plugs by 3M Healthcare
From: $84.3

Made from slow-recovery, nonallergenic PVC foam for optimal comfort, Cylindrically shaped, Require n..

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A60 Ankle Support by DJO Global
From: $49.07

Prophylactic support, protection and comfort with simplified application. The design incorporates a ..

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Absorb Waste Solidifier by Northfield Medical
From: $2.69

By quickly and completely solidifying liquid medical waste at its point of generation, this "enginee..

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Airsoft Reusable Polycord Earplugs by Honeywell
From: $868.61

Brand new noise-canceling earplugs that are crafted for optimal comfort Contains unique noise-block..

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Airway Exchange Catheters by Cook Inc
From: $137.38

Used for uncomplicated, atraumatic endotracheal tube exchange. Removable Rapi-Fit Adapter permits us..

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Allegiance Anti-Fog Solution w/Sponge by Cardinal Health
From: $129.35

Adhesive-backed, radiopaque sponge delivers solution where it's needed - Packaged in a convenient, s..

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Anti-Fog Kits by Medtronic
From: $477.47

Fred is a market leading product for providing a fog-free endoscope. ..

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Anti-Fog Solution and Sponge
From: $2.5

Our high-quality, effective anti-fog solution helps surgeons see through their face mask more clearl..

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