OR Basics

OR Basics
OR Basics
Endo GIA Ultra Univ Stapl by Medtronic
From: $740.14

Covidien's revolutionary new Endo Stapling system enables all surgeons to operate with confiden..

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Endo GIA Ultra Universal Short Staplers by Covidien
From: $723.6

Covidien's new Endo GIA Ultra Universal stapler combines ergonomic design, precise articulation..

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Endo GIA Universal Stapler by Medtronic
From: $37.6

Endo GIA# Universal 12 mm (Single Use Instrument) stapler has applications in abdominal, gynecologic..

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Endo Stitch Loading Unit w/Surgidac by Covidien
From: $1527.54

Endo StitchTM Single Use Loading Unit with SurgidacTM, 0 Green 48" ES-9 Size: 0 USP (3.5 Metric) ..

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Endo-Surgery Linear Cutters by Ethicon
From: $418.42

The new Ethicon Endo-Surgery Linear Cutter is the only linear cutter with 6-row, 3-D surgical staple..

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Endopath ETS Linear Cutter Reload Cartridges by Ethicon
From: $881.65

ENDOPATH ETS 35mm and 45mm Straight Endoscopic Linear Cutters are sterile, single-patient-use instru..

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Endopath ETS Linear Cutters by Ethicon
From: $843.89

Endopath ETS Linear Cutters by EthiconEndopath ETS Linear Cutters by EthiconSKUS: Z05-PF28259|ETHATS..

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Endopath ILS Circular Sizer Sets by Ethicon
From: $1060.61

The PROXIMATE ILS Circular Sizer Set includes one each of a 25mm, 29mm, and 33mm bowel sizer for the..

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Energia Radial Reload Suture by Covidien
From: $8105.7

With the thickest indicated tissue range for any stapler on the m ..

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Ergonomic Hygenic Banded Earplugs by Honeywell
From: $593

Plush pods rest nicely in ear canal, providing the perfect balance of supreme comfort and maximum pr..

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EZ-Blocker Endobronchial Blocker by Teleflex Medical
From: $2438.51

The EZ-Blocker Endobronchial Blocker is available in one size only. It is used in combination with a..

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EZE-VAC Canister w/Lid by Hospira
From: $92.88

3300 Ml Eze-Vac Canister with Lid.Safety Data Sheet DocumentsNo SDS content is available for this pr..

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Flange Tip Sterile Yankauers
From: $1.21

Our yankauers feature slip-resistant handles for a secure grip, smooth inner surface for maximum, no..

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Flex Advantage Suction Liners by Cardinal Health
From: $6.55

Medi-Vac® Brand Flex Advantage® Suction Liners - 1-piece liners reduce potential for breakage - Our ..

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