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Sponge Detection Systems

Sponge Detection Systems
Sponge Detection Systems

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Allegiance X-Ray-Detectable Gauze Sponge by A Plus International
From: $1.09

Our 100% cotton, USP Type VII gauze sponges feature dual radiopaque strands to help facilitate X-ray..

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Americot Cotton Strips by American Surgical Company
From: $380.98

Compared to a leading competitor, Americot®is more absorbent, pliable, stronger, filters a greater v..

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BICOL Collagen Sponge by Johnson & Johnson
From: $2298.23

BICOL Collagen sponge is a highly useful adjunct to neurosurgery as a moistening agent and as a prot..

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Caliber Type VII Gauze Sponges by Dukal Corporation
From: $117.24

Meets USP Type VII requirements. 100% woven cotton. Highly absorbent and offers exceptional clinical..

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Cherry Operating Room Sponges by Derma Sciences
From: $253.14

Carefully folded to encompass x-ray element and eliminate loose ends.Made of 100% gauze. ..

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Cherry Sponges by DeRoyal
From: $186.73

Largest of the DissectorsVery absorbent and ideal for general dissectingComplete with the exclusive ..

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CODMAN DURAFORM Dural Graft Implant by Johnson & Johnson
From: $4708.51

CODMAN DURAFORM Dural Graft implant is a collagen matrix manufactured from processed bovine tendons...

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CODMAN Surgical Patties by Johnson & Johnson
From: $32.1

Sterile, x-ray detectable, 10 patties per package, 20 packages per dispenser boxSafety Data Sheet Do..

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Cotton Balls by Care Line
From: $2.18

For skin prepping, wound cleansingThe ideal general purpose swab. ..

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Cotton Balls by Little Rapids
From: $114.22

Medical grade cottonis ideal for applying and removing product from the face during treatments and p..

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Curity Sterile Lap Sponges by Covidien
From: $99.56

CURITY Lap Sponges are available in a Sterile Tray Pack, Sterile Soft Pack Pouch and Non-sterile Bul..

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Cylindrical Dissector Sponges by FABCO
From: $343.08

nullSafety Data Sheet DocumentsNo SDS content is available for this product.500 Each / CaseSpecifica..

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Delicot Neuro Patties (Sponge) by American Surgical Company
From: $467.59

Delicot neurosurgical patties are the only products focused on delicate cranial microsurgery procedu..

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