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Surgical Mesh

Surgical Mesh
Surgical Mesh
Phasix Mesh by CR Bard
From: $3419.58

Designed to enable constructive and functional soft tissue remodeling Provides a fully resorbable m..

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Parietene Macroporous Mesh by Medtronic
From: $278.69

All Parietex products are created from a macroporous polyester material which produce superior cell..

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DuraGen Plus Adhesion Barrier Matrix by Integra
From: $932.75

DuraGen Plus, enhanced performance and design for restoration of dural defects.Conforms like normal ..

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DuraGen XS Dural Regeneration Matrix by Integra Lifesciences
From: $1661.39

DuraGen XS Dural Regeneration Matrix is Integra's most advanced onlay graft. DuraGen XS Dural Regene..

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Double Velour Fabric by CR Bard
From: $2595.85

Proven to be successful in surgery. Synthetic patch materials which have been proven to be successfu..

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Phasix ST Mesh by CR Bard
From: $4399.15

Phasix ST Mesh by CR BardPhasix ST Mesh by CR BardSKUS: Z05-PF151403|DVL1200710SKUS: Z05-PF151403|DV..

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Macroporous Keyhole Mesh by Medtronic
From: $968.28

Parietene Macroporous Keyhole Mesh 11 x 6 cmUnit of Measure: BoxQuantity: 3 ..

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Surgimesh XB by Aspide Medical
From: $1312.8

Surgimesh XB by Aspide MedicalSurgimesh XB by Aspide MedicalSKUS: Z05-PF158056|BGMINTRAE2226,BGMINTR..

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Versatex 15 cm x 15 cm Monofilament Mesh by Medtronic USA
From: $321.58

Designed for successful mesh integration with reduced complications and scar plate formation Great..

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Biodesign Nipple Reconstruction Cylinder by Cook Inc
From: $1011.77

The Biodesign Nipple Reconstruction Cylinder is intended for implantation to reinforce soft tissue, ..

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Ultrapro Advance Absorbale Mesh by Ethicon
From: $1707.67

Ultrapro Advance Absorbale Mesh by EthiconUltrapro Advance Absorbale Mesh by EthiconSKUS: Z05-PF1606..

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C-QUR Mesh by Maquet
From: $846.79

C-QUR Mesh by MaquetC-QUR Mesh by MaquetSKUS: Z05-PF161970|MCX31506SKUS: Z05-PF161970|MCX31506SKUS: ..

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Evolution Controlled-Release Stents by Cook Inc
From: $5866.21

Used for palliative treatment of duodenal or gastric outlet obstruction or strictures caused by mali..

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AmnioFill Human Placental Tissue Allograft by MiMedx
From: $956.1

AmnioFill is intended for homologous use as a placental connective tissue matrix to replace or suppl..

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DuraGen Plus Adhesion Barrier Matrix by
From: $6591.72

DuraGen Plus Dural Regeneration Matrix is Integra's most optimized onlay graft. DuraGen Plus Du..

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