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0.22UM Sartolab RF / BT by Sartorius
From: $188.24

Sartolab BT Sartolab BT are a product line of disposable vacuum filtration units The Sartolab Bottle..

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12 Panel E-Z Split Key Cup by Alere T
From: $541.88

12 Panel E-Z Split Key Cup This E-Z Split Key Cup features a built-in key plunger that activates the..

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1256 Series Load Labels, Expires by 3M Healthcare
From: $26.28

1125 labels/roll (1-1/8 inch x 5/8 inch/label/2,85cm x 1,58cm/label) Sterilization Load Labels, Red ..

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14.3cu. ft -86C Select Ultra-Low Upright Freezer by Nor-Lake
From: $17700.9

14.3cu.ft -86ºC Select Ultra-Low Upright Freezer Operating temperature range: -50ºC to -86ºC Volt..

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15ml Centrifuge Tube by Stockwell
From: $57.37

15mL Plug Cap Centrifuge Tube Material : Polystyrene / Polypropylene Cap Material : LDPE Molded i..

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1l Dist Water Wash Btl LDPE by Midland Sci
From: $19.61

1l Dist Water Wash Btl LDPE Nalgene Low-Density Polyethylene washing bottle has a unique vent system..

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24-Hour Oral Care Bags
From: $435.31

24-Hour Oral Care Bags24-Hour Oral Care BagsSKUS: Z05-PF140468|MDS606904HPBG,MDS606902HPBG,MDS606804..

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24-Hr. Oral Care Kits
From: $27.78

24-Hr. Oral Care Kits24-Hr. Oral Care KitsSKUS: Z05-PF96429|MDS876902A,MDS876904A,MDS876904HP,MDS606..

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3-Line Label Gun by Marketlab
From: $42.89

3-Line Label Gun Just One Label for All Reagent Dates Set labeler with "received" and "expires" date..

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4.6Cu. ft Select -86C Ultra-Low Chest Freezer by Nor Lake
From: $14800.6

Select -86ºC Ultra-Low Chest Freezer Voltage : 115V, 1PH, 60HZ or 208/230V, 1PH, 60HZ or 230V, 1PH..

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5 Pane lDip Card Drug Tests
From: $232.52

Simple dip drug test provides fast results detects: COC, mAMP, OPI, PCP, THCDRUG5DIPB detects: AMP, ..

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5 Panel Drug Screen Tests
From: $161.69

5-Panel Drug Screen Card Test PK/25 Rapid Drug Screen Cards, 5-Panel Dip, COC (Cocaine), AMP (Amphet..

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5 Panel Oral Drug Tests
From: $468.94

5 Panel oral drug test tests for Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine.Safety Da..

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6 Panel Oral Drug Tests
From: $473.42

Oral fluid drug screen device.Collect and test in one step for 6 illicit and prescription drugs.Resu..

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