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Airway Management

Airway Management
Airway Management

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Aluminum Air Regulator
From: $73.07

Aluminum air Regulator with hose barb outlet and gauge. ..

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Brass Seal Washer for Regulators
From: $81.92

For use with all small regulators.Safety Data Sheet DocumentsNo SDS content is available for this pr..

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Nitrogen Regulator
From: $401.5

Nitrogen Regulator Nitrogen Regulator with DISS wall adapter.Safety Data Sheet DocumentsNo SDS conte..

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Oxygen Flowmeter Regulator
From: $50.87

Flowmeter regulator for CGA280 inlet connection. Calibrated for Heliox 80/20 mixture. Back pressure ..

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Oxygen Regulator with Flowmeter
From: $138.22

Diaphragm-type regulator with flowmeter and CGA540 nut and nipple inlet. ..

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Outer Suction Canisters
From: $28.39

Outer suction canister with on/off switch cuts off pressure from the pump.Latex Free.Safety Data She..

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Suction Canister Carrier
From: $96.4

Suction Canister Carrier Carries up to two (ORBASE) or four (DYNDSCC) suction canisters at one ..

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Suction Canister Wall Mounts
From: $43.36

Wall mount brackets for suction canistersNot made with natural rubber latexSafety Data Sheet Documen..

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Easy Vac Suction Aspirators
From: $416.06

High performance 1/5 HP pump delivers 0-660 mmHg. Power cord can be wrapped easily with the hook-an..

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OptiVac Portable Suction Aspirator
From: $1077.61

This portable suction aspirator has a compact design and easy operation. AC or DC operation. Recharg..

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Smart Pak Filter Set
From: $13.27

No description is available for this product. ..

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1/8 Male Vacuum Adapters
From: $10.51

Medical vacuum adapters, 1/8" male SPECIFICATIO..

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Suction Regulator Y Type Adapters
From: $308.29

Dual Y adapters for suction regulators with or without chemetron fitting. ..

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