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Vascular Access

Vascular Access
Vascular Access

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Foam / Adhesive Needle Holders
From: $2.68

Foam / Adhesive Needle HoldersFoam / Adhesive Needle HoldersSKUS: Z05-PF07390|DYNJNDLNEST,DYNJNDLNES..

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Disposable Pressure Transducers by Medline
From: $247.22

Disposable Pressure Transducers by MedlineDisposable Pressure Transducers by MedlineSKUS: Z05-PF1546..

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High-Pressure Tubing by Coeur
From: $296.74

High-Pressure Tubing by CoeurHigh-Pressure Tubing by CoeurSKUS: Z05-PF155995|VINC4030480,VINC4030601..

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Contrast Administration Spikes
From: $120.92

Contrast Administration SpikesContrast Administration SpikesSKUS: Z05-PF157855|DYNJSPKVST72,DYNJLBSP..

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Extended-Length Peel-Away Introducer Kits
From: $242.66

For the introduction in the femoral or subclavian artery for vein or vascular procedures Uniquely s..

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Guidewire Bowls by Medline
From: $11.23

Guidewire Bowls by MedlineGuidewire Bowls by MedlineSKUS: Z05-PF157858|DYNJGUIDEB2,DYNJGUIDEWIRH,DYN..

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Radial Introducer Kits
From: $326.41

Color coded hubs help identify the French size.All of the kits contain a sheath, dilator, needle, sy..

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Diagnostic Guidewires, 0.035 Diameter
From: $99.77

Precoated design ensures uniform coating and reduced friction.The J tip allows for quick advancement..

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Diagnostic Guidewires, 0.038 Diameter
From: $181.57

Use to facilitate catheter placement in the vascular system Precoated design helps ensure uniformit..

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4 French Introducer Kits
From: $349.64

4 French Introducer Kits4 French Introducer KitsSKUS: Z05-PF159333|DYNJMAST03A,DYNJMAST01SKUS: Z05-P..

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4 French Introducer Kits with Echogenic Needle
From: $352.56

4 French Introducer Kits with Echogenic Needle4 French Introducer Kits with Echogenic NeedleSKUS: Z0..

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Clear High-Pressure Tubing with Rotator
From: $247.67

Strong and flexible polyurethane withstands 1,200 PSIAvailable single sterile as well as inside cust..

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Hemostasis Kit
From: $535.81

Hemostasis KitHemostasis KitSKUS: Z05-PF159339|DYNJHEMOKITSKUS: Z05-PF159339|DYNJHEMOKITSKUS: Z05-PF..

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Hemostatic Flow Valve
From: $214.62

Luer-activated, self-sealing deviceConveniently place and position common guide-wire (0.014" - 0.038..

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Hemostatic Y Click
From: $641.89

Hemostatic Y ClickHemostatic Y ClickSKUS: Z05-PF159341|DYNJYCLICKASKUS: Z05-PF159341|DYNJYCLICKA,DYN..

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