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Wound Care Tapes

Wound Care Tapes
Wound Care Tapes
Adhesive Gauze Dressings by BSN Medical
From: $42.7

BSN-Jobst Elastomull 6" is excellent for fixing foam padding and wound dressings to limb areas. Jobs..

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Band-Aid Hurt-Free Wrap by Johnson & Johnson
From: $115.72

BAND-AID Brand of First Aid HURT-FREE Wrap firmly and comfortably secures dressings onto wounds. It'..

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Clinisorb Non-Woven Sponges by Dukal Corp
From: $40.09

Clinisorb Non-Woven Sponges by Dukal CorpClinisorb Non-Woven Sponges by Dukal CorpSKUS: Z05-PF115730..

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Dynamic Tape by North Coast Medical
From: $24.18

Dynamic Tape is specially designed, highly elastic tape (over 200%) and is completely different from..

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Elastikon Elastic Tapes by Johnson & Johnson
From: $126.17

For shoulders, knees or where maximum strength is necessary. -Flexible for pressure dressings. -Poro..

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Flexi-Wrap Compression Film by Cramer Products
From: $107.76

Flexi-wrapTM quickly and economically secures injury treatments. 4" plastic film on a roller makes w..

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High Performance Bandaging Tape by 3M Healthcare
From: $256.93

Immobilize limbs for splints and casts. Provide support for sprains and strains. Support post-cast r..

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Hypafix Dressing Retention Rolls by Alimed
From: $32.93

Hypafix Dressing Retention Rolls secure dressings, tubes, catheters and instruments quickly and easi..

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KinesioTex Gold FP (Tape) by Kinesio
From: $41.92

Developed exclusively for Kinesio professionals, Dr. Kenzo Kase and Kinesio bring you the latest ReE..

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Medipore H Surgical Cloth Tape by 3M Hea
From: $3.52

Soft Cloth, hypoallergenic tape Benefits More gentleness than Medipore tape. Higher adhesion than Me..

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Medipore Soft Cloth Dressing Covers by 3M Healthcare
From: $6.82

Easy-tear off pads. Gentle, breathable to maintain skin integrity. Latex-free and hypoallergenic for..

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Medipore Soft Cloth Medical Tape by 3M Healthcare
From: $4.61

Soft Cloth, hypoallergenic tape, short roll Benefits Easy-tear perforated rolls Gentle, breathable t..

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Mefix Self-Adhesive Fabric Tapes by Molnlycke
From: $11.02

Mefix is fabric tape that secures dressings, gauze, tubes, cannulae, and drainage devices, even to a..

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Mepiform Gel Sheeting by Molnlycke
From: $36.32

Mepiform is a thin, flexible, self-adherent, waterproof dressing for scar care featuring exclusive p..

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Mepitac Fabric Tapes, Safetac Technology by Molnlycke
From: $25.79

Mepitac is a highly conformable moisture proof fabric tape featuring exclusive patented Safetac (sof..

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