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Advanced Wound Care

Advanced Wound Care
Advanced Wound Care

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Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant
From: $57.6

Protects from the effects of friction and moisture, such as urine, exudate, sweat, and other bodily ..

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SurePrep Skin Protectant Wipe
From: $0.89

Fast-drying skin protectant is vapor permeable and delivers protection from friction and incontinenc..

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Medigrip Elasticated Tubular Bandage
From: $6.91

Tubular bandage is easy to apply and reapply and is ideal for a wide range of applications Good for..

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Unna-Z Unna Boot Compression Wrap with Zinc Oxide
From: $13.04

Maintains a moist healing environment Provides semirigid support and mild compression for managemen..

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CarraKlenz Wound Cleanser
From: $10.3

Gently cleanses most types of wounds to remove organic material, debris and dead tissue from low, me..

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Skintegrity Wound Cleansers
From: $10.12

Specially formulated with a gentle surfactant to allow fast, thorough and gentle cleansing of wounds..

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Maxorb Extra CMC / Alginate Dressings
From: $5.18

Ideal for moderate to heavily draining partial- and full-thickness wounds Wick fluid vertically to ..

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Puracol Plus AG+ Collagen Wound Dressings with Silver
From: $15.42

Helps jump-start stalled or chronic wounds1,2,3 when antimicrobial properties of silver are desired ..

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Medifil Collagen Particles
From: $58.79

By mimicking the body's own collagen, these Type I fibrillar bovine collagen particles help to creat..

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Puracol Plus Collagen Wound Dressings
From: $13.43

Jump-starts the wound healing process1,2,3, making it ideal for wounds that are chronic or stalled ..

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TenderWet Active Cavity Dressings
From: $7.25

Help create an ideal moist healing environment High fluid retention to remove exudate from wound be..

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TenderWet Active Dressings
From: $58.92

Helps create an ideal moist healing environment High fluid retention to remove exudate from wound b..

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Caring Adhesive Foam Dressing
From: $5.42

Absorbent foam pad with white nonwoven adhesive border Waterproof outer layer helps prevent strike ..

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Caring Foam Spot Dressings
From: $2.52

Adhesive pads for primary or secondary use, moderate to heavy drainage. Waterproof outer layer Latex..

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Foam Dressing Pads
From: $1.92

Nonadhesive pads for primary use Waterproof outer layer protects wound and keeps bacteria out ..

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