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CURAD Waterproof Adhesive Tape
From: $2.82

CURAD waterproof, oil-resistant tape can be written onCotton cloth backing with polyethylene coating..

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Curity Hypoallergenic Clear Tape by Medtronic
From: $243.89

CURITY Hypoallergenic Clear Tape is ideal for taping catheters, IV tubing, and securing dressings wh..

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Curity Standard Porous Tape by Covidien
From: $1.92

Kendall Standard Porous Tape is an economical tape with high tensile strength with linear porosity f..

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Curusilk Cloth Tape by Medtronic
From: $33.19

Curusilk Cloth Tape by MedtronicCurusilk Cloth Tape by MedtronicSKUS: Z05-PF38116|SWD7137CZ,SWD7137C..

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Durapore Surgical Tape by 3M Healthcare
From: $1.61

(MMM15381) -1 inch x 10 yard (2,5cm x 9,14m), (MMM15382) - 2 inch x 10 yard (5cm x 9,14m), (MMM15383..

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Dynamic Tape by North Coast Medical
From: $24.18

Dynamic Tape is specially designed, highly elastic tape (over 200%) and is completely different from..

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Elastic Adhesive Tape by BSN Medical
From: $113.33

Made with a zinc-oxide adhesive, Elastoplast tape is water-repellent and highly durable, allowing th..

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Elastic Tapes by Dynarex Corporation
From: $224.38

A porous elastic tape that allows skin to breathe and stretches to fit around hard to tape areas.Ide..

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Elastikon Elastic Tape by Johnson & Johnson
From: $3.53

ELASTIKON Elastic Tape is a high twist, cotton elastic cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive. ELAS..

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Elastikon Elastic Tapes by Johnson & Johnson
From: $126.17

For shoulders, knees or where maximum strength is necessary. -Flexible for pressure dressings. -Poro..

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Elastikon Tapes by Performance Health
From: $71.32

A high twist, porous cotton elastic material with rubber-based adhesive. For shoulders, knees, or wh..

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EnduraTape Adhesive Tapes by Performance Health
From: $51.98

Designed for use with patellofemoral, lower extremity and shoulder treatment protocols. A brown fabr..

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Flexi-Wrap Compression Film by Cramer Products
From: $107.76

Flexi-wrapTM quickly and economically secures injury treatments. 4" plastic film on a roller makes w..

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High Performance Bandaging Tape by 3M Healthcare
From: $256.93

Immobilize limbs for splints and casts. Provide support for sprains and strains. Support post-cast r..

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Hook & Loop Adhesive-Backed Hook Tape by Alimed
From: $42.1

Adhesive-backed, high-closure-strength hook material that will not snag or fray clothing ..

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