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Paper Tape by Dukal Corporation
From: $10.36

Light-weight, microporous paper tape that will hold even when wet Gentle on skin and won't harm del..

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Perma-Type Pink Tape by Perma-Type
From: $11.6

The most widely used pink tape for ostomy use today. It is medicated with zinc oxide, sheer, latex-f..

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PolyMem Cloth Adhesive Dressing by Ferris
From: $2.71

PolyMem has been successfully used in the healthcare setting and homes for many years. No other sing..

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PowerFlex Athletic Tape by Performance Health
From: $122.06

Hand-tearable fabric-based cohesive flexible tape. Sweat resistant and breathable - taped areas rema..

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PowerFlex Cohesive Bandages
From: $47.8

Cohesive flexible bandages with controlled compressionProvides comfortable, strong supportBreathable..

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PowerFlex Powerpack Cohesive Bandages
From: $153.08

 Cohesive flexible bandages with controlled compression Provides comfortable, strong support Breath..

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Pre-Wrap Tapes by Crame4r Medical.
From: $100

Prevents skin irritation and blistering when applied prior to tape. Also useful for securing cold pa..

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Primafix Medical Tapes by Smith & Nephew
From: $21.12

Primafix Medical Tapes by Smith & NephewPrimafix Medical Tapes by Smith & NephewSKUS: Z05-PF162702|U..

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Radioactive Materials Warning Labels by Shamrock Scientific
From: $23.08

Catalog #: SRA-12Size: 4" x 6"Material: LITHOAdhesive: PERMANENTLabel Color: YELLOWInk Color: MAGENT..

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Silk-like Cloth Tape by Cardinal Health by Cardinal Health
From: $183.59

The silk-like cloth of our surgical tapes is porous to allow both moisture and air to pass through y..

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Standard Hook Tape by AliMed
From: $42.1

Standard hook is the most commonly used tape style, providing slightly stronger bonds than fine hook..

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Standard Porous Tape by Medtronic
From: $2.78

Covidien Standard Porous Tape is an economical tape with high tensile strength with linear porosity ..

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